The Journey Continues

Last week we split in teams and reported back to our classmates on different aspects of Magdalena Bay, Mexico, the water body on the Pacific coast of Mexico’s Baja peninsula that will be the focus of our documentary. The topics had been assigned by our professor and New York Times blogger Andrew Revkin. We discussed the American and Mexican Laws governing (at least in theory) the harvesting of sea turtles and other marine life, the geography, history, politics and ecology of the region and the people we will be reaching out to for the documentary.


 Matt and Joe gave us the inside scoop on the Mexican laws or lack thereof. We were able to read and discuss an article on the choice people around the are face, which is to poach or not to poach the endangered turtle species in the area.  


Sam and Danielle were able to give us the rundown on the history of Baja. Their presentation centered on a fascinating educational film shot around Magdalena Bay in 1949. We’re hoping to get permission to use some of it in our film.




Adam and Nick discussed the work of Comunidad Y Biodiversidad Asociacion Civil (COBI), which is trying to develop sustainable practices for harvesting lobster and abalone as a way to grow the regional economy without wrecking its marine resources.

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