Our Journey Begins

The journey towards our documentary location began at 4am for the first leg of our flight to Atlanta which connected to Los Cabos. But we weren’t there yet! The next leg was a 6 hour drive with a scenic view of Mexico’s desert terrain towards the town of Lopez Mateos. It wasn’t over yet! Next was a half hour boat ride in the dark, brisk waters of Magdalena Bay. Guided by flashlight, we toured the camp and found our tents – our homes for the next three days. We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of our food, but not so impressed with the rest room set up. We tried to get our internet cards ready only to learn that no data service was available. Before bed we were briefed on the next day’s activities and learned that we shared the camp with coyotes who liked to come by to say hello with a friendly scratch on the tents! We were eager for the sun the next day to see where we were and what the day had in store.

Campsite with sunlight


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2 Responses to Our Journey Begins

  1. Mark Romero says:

    I’m excited for you all, and what an amazing experience it will be!!! I thought the rest room set up was 5 star… LOL Mark

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