From the Beach to the Editing Bay

The shooting may be over but our work on our documentary about conservation and commerce in Baja in many ways has just begun. Tonight, we began sifting our half terabyte of footage and organizing our storyboard – which began tonight as a four-foot-long stretch of blank white paper but is now filled with notes. We have finally entered the post-production stage, however it is going to take days of group brainstorming to turn hours of video into a 15-minute film. The class graduate assistant, Lou Guarneri, has complied the calendar of editing time for the next four weeks. The class is divided into groups of four for morning and evening editing sessions in order to get all the work finished.


We also had the pleasure of having an impromptu Skype session with Wallace J. Nichols, a scientist and community organizer who helped found Grupo Tortugero, a coalition of people in Baja communities committed to protecting sea turtles. He helped us clarify history and relationships of RED Sustainable Travel and Grupo Tortugero.

In class, we watched a video sent by another source to professor and Dot Earth blogger Andrew Revkin that showed us images of one of our Baja interviewees, Victor de la Toba, performing his duties a decade ago. The video was shot and filmed by Hoyt Peckham, an American who’d lived for many years around Magdalena Bay and worked with de la Toba. You can learn more about Peckham in a profile written for the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.

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