¡Viva la Tortuga!



We had a big night earlier this week in Willcox Hall. After working through what seemed like a jigsaw puzzle of sentence fragments and words, our team finally agreed on the official title of our documentary: “¡Viva La Tortuga! Meshing Conservation and Culture in Magdalena Bay.” The film will officially be released on May 7th in Pleasantville (and online, of course), with an encore presentation in Manhattan on May 8th.

As we pieced together our timeline and sifted through our interview transcripts and footage, we discovered a few narrative and visual gaps in our story. We plan to fill these with information from interviews with Magdalena veterans Jesse Senko of Arizona State University and Wallace J. Nichols of the California Academy of Sciences.

photo (1)

We conducted the Senko interview Thursday night via the Web from nearly 3,000 miles away with the help of communication students and staff working in the media department at Arizona State.

With little time to celebrate our official film title, we quickly split off into groups to work specific tasks: opening titles, end credits, promotional materials and — always — more editing. With our release date less than a month away, our deadline is right around the corner. Back to work!

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  1. Don says:

    Very good. Keep it up!

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