Turtle Conservationists Demand Action From Mexican President

letter2Sea Turtle Restoration Project, a California based conservation group that has worked to protect and restore sea turtle populations worldwide, recently wrote a letter to President Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico pressing him to act promptly to cut turtle deaths in Baja fishing nets.

The letter is open for anyone to sign. On the ground in and around Magdalena Bay we met many fishermen whose lives would be disrupted by a total clampdown on gillnet fishing. But we also saw the devastating impact on loggerhead turtles. There are no easy answers, but a lot of people are working hard to find the balance.

Mexican officials don’t seem inclined to press for turtle protection. As recently as today, senior officials have challenged years of peer-reviewed studies demonstrating that a recent spike in loggerhead deaths in the region is from gillnets set on the bottom off the Pacific coast.

Click here for a new gallery of turtle images.

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