The Final Cut for a Turtle Film

2013-04-30_18.19.58Our class met for the last time Tuesday evening and to the average passerby, the room probably resembled more of a loony bin than it did a traditional classroom. Within this frenzy of students, laptops, and even a mandolin and guitar, progress was being made. Although this is our last official meeting, both students and professors alike will be working on the various aspects of our film right up until our release date at 4pm on May 7th! This was the final push and what Dr. Luskay described as the “night of perfection.” Lou Guarneri continued to sweeten up the film’s transitions, color and sound and also worked closely with Professor Revkin, who supplied some original scoring with his mandolin. photo (2) As soon as we finalize the credits, “¡Viva la Tortuga!” will be ready for export!

The work does not stop there. From here on out, in addition to researching a variety of different film festival submission deadlines, editing a final trailer and flooding the Internet with tweets about our film, each of us will find a way to market “¡Viva la Tortuga!” to  ensure a solid turnout for both our Pleasantville and New York City premieres. Join us there!

Click here for a new gallery documenting our last class meeting.


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