Sea Turtle Conservation Efforts of Wallace J. Nichols to be Featured on New Weather Channel Series

Courtesy of Wallace J. Nichols

Courtesy of Wallace J. Nichols

The sea turtle conservation efforts of marine biologist, conservationist, and author Dr. Wallace J. Nichols are soon to be the main focus of an episode of the Weather Channel‘s upcoming series BRINK. The show will feature individuals who greatly contributed to bringing an endangered species back from the brink of extinction. Nichols told us the show is part of a new direction in digital content soon to be integrated into the Weather Channel website and all smartphone and tablet apps. Why are endangered species on the Weather Channel? Based on the thought that weather connects everything, Nichols explained, the new content is a way to reach new audiences. Neil Katz, vice president and editor-in-chief of the Weather Channel digital properties and a longtime friend of Nichols, is the major force behind the show. Showcasing Nichols’ substantial contribution to sea turtle conservation, the episode was screened at the NewFront event in Manhattan this past week. Nichols could be found there handing out blue marbles, part of a movement started by Nichols to foster care for the planet, which NASA astronauts have compared to a blue marble. In addition to BRINK, Nichols can be heard narrating Orion Magazine‘s new audio slide show, Tortuga Rising.

Courtesy of Wallace J. Nichols

Courtesy of Wallace J. Nichols

With our release date just days away, we realize our film-making journey is coming to an end. As we reflect on the process we are grateful for all who have so graciously contributed their expertise to this film. Wallace J. Nichols has been instrumental to our project and continues to supply us with useful information, compelling stories, and a tremendous sense of encouragement as we approach our May 7-8 premieres in Pleasantville and New York City.

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